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Business Consultants for Video Surveillance Deployments, and Emergency and Disaster Management Programs


Provision process expertise for deployment of Video Surveillance Systems. Develop effective emergency and disaster management Systems.

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Manage the deployment of Video Surveillance System phases. (Design, Specifications, Tender and Bid Process, Vendor Evaluation, Supervision of installation and handover, Maintenance Contracts, Auditing, Operator Training)

Identify and assess potential emergency and disaster scenarios. Compile organizational strategic plans for the management of emergencies and disasters, Assist with program deployment and training. Program Audits.



Why engage business consultants for your video surveillance or emergency and disaster management programs?

Firstly, it is apparent that you wouldn't feel comfortable in the operating theatre if your doctor told you that he had never been to med school, or any school for that matter - but had learned his expertise from googling.

Likewise you would be very uncomfortable if he told you that he was a qualified mechanic, who had learned a little about medicine.

Unfortunately, most customers invest large amounts of money on CCTV systems or emergency management programs  that are poorly designed and specified.

The system was designed by the CEO or other manager after a few hours of googling.

The program was deployed  by a friend of the CEO who qualified, after a 2 week course in DSTV, Computer Repair , Gate Motor Repairs or is a qualified electrician. None of these professions include Physical Security, Crime and Risk Assessment, or other specialized skills related to the system being deployed.

Qualified Safety and Security Professionals are required to study to the same degree as a medical doctor or engineer. The field of study requires continuous and on-going study as information and technology evolves.

What does the record show?

80% of CCTV systems are ineffective, cost centres - this is widely reported in the media and as conclusion to many studies and enquiries commissioned worldwide.

What about emergency and disaster management programs?- many gaps are found in existing programs. One study found severe gaps in these programs at numerous nursing homes after hurricane Katrina. Elementary elements such as co-coordinating actions with local authorities are omitted. Ultimately such plans are not worth the paper they are printed on.

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